3 great business ideas for Nigerians

  • Nigeria is a country of over 189 million people. Though this figure comprises of men, women and children, a good number of Nigerians are jobless and are dependent on others.

The issue of unemployment is a bone in the neck that has been tabled for discussion many a times in States as well as NGOs. Unemployment has no doubt increased the rate of crime such as armed robbery, burglary as well as other soiled practices. It is said that every 3  out of 5 Nigerian youth between 20 – 28 is unemployed. More pathetic and equally alarming is the huge number of graduates Nigeria produces every year, Nigeria University Commission (NUC) has recorded an average of 1.8 million graduates every year, though the number increases but the Jobs doesn’t.

Though Nigeria faces a challenge of unemployment, the youths need not fold their arms to wait for the government to intervene in this matter as it has already failed woefully, we will be sharing profitable businesses to help our youths make money for themselves and become independent.

# 1 Agriculture

No doubt the government itself has advised youths many a times to embark into agriculture, most of the youths frown at it and make comments such as “how can a graduate like me do farm work” because they see it as something for the uneducated and lowly of ignorant. The fact is when we hear “agriculture” what comes to our mind is “farming” you know going to a bush with cutlass, hoe etc to work yourself out like wtf isn’t it? Forgetting that agriculture has many branches which I am going to suggest two of them. Fish farming and water melon production. Surprised why these? I’ll tell you.

Fish farming

This is one of the most profitable areas of agriculture, the truth is most people don’t know about the huge profit from this type of farming and it has less investors. You can start up a fish farm with a capital as low as N200,000.00 and get returns or profit close to 1 million Naira in a little space of time. Simple buy high breed fingerlings and rear in your ponds, when mature, hook up with restaurant and hotel owners and start supplying and making money for yourself.

Watermelon production

Sounds strange isn’t it? One reason watermelon is on my recommendation is that it has rapid sales and huge profit returns and also less people are aware of this fact. Watermelon has high demand with low supply, most watermelon consumed in Nigeria are produced from the Northern region of the country, hence making money from this type of business seems untapped in many areas in Nigeria. Water melon has high returns in terms of profit and it sells considerably well due to it’s popular nature and high nutritional value. When using high breed seeds, a water melon takes approximately 3 months (90 days) to be mature and ready for harvest/consumption.

Engaging in this kind of business brings you residual income in a short space of 3 months.

You will be needing a large expanse of land for planting so you may obtain lease from government plots which will be less expensive than privately owned lands.

# 2 buying and selling of crayfish

No doubt crayfish is consumed by almost every Nigerian but no youth has come to think about making money from it. Buying and selling of crayfish is lucrative and unknown to many young entrepreneurs. Some areas in Nigeria sell crayfish at a relatively cheap price while it goes higher in some areas.

Places in Nigeria you can buy crayfish at a cheap price:

* Calabar
* Oron
* Bayelsa
*Akwa Ibom

Places in Nigeria where crayfish Is relatively high:

* Port Harcourt
* Abuja
* Ibadan etc

You can simply buy from the cheap areas and sell at the expensive areas.

# 3 Blogging

Am including this here because it is indeed profitable, although there are over 150 million websites you can still carve a niche and make decent income from blogging, all you need is a host and I will recommend hostgator as they offer a cheap and reliable web hosting service. After getting your blog online, start publishing content and monetize your traffic through google Adsence and other monetization networks and start making money from your efforts.

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