5 ways to increase your blog traffic

You may be wondering why your traffic is just too low and your earnings as well. Your site rarely gets visitors and it make blogging not interesting.
Let me present to you 4 ways to increase your blog traffic

# 1 create valued content
Google is very good at this. Don’t expect your blog to rank high at Google search engine when you copy content from other blogs. Google knows content which are of value to the readers and rank them higher than the others. Try creating unique content and don’t copy posts from other blogs because it doesn’t make you smart in any way.

# 2 Go social

It’s no news that most bloggers now use social media such as Facebook to drive traffic to their blog. You can get a good traffic from social media to your blog and increase your earnings. Creating a fan page for your blog and sharing links to your posts will definitely increase traffic.
# 3 Use services such as semrush
Semrush allows you to know about keywords to use in your respective niche and how to override your competitors. It also provides you seo tips and many abundant features all at a little fee. I have been using semrush for sometimes and I must commend them for an extremely unique service.

# 4 Get a custom domain
It is a settled fact that Google tends to rank the dot com domains higher than the others in search results so it will be more beneficent to buy a first class domain. Get a domain here.

# 5 Advertise
You can also increase traffic to your blog by advertising with sites with already huge blog traffic or other advertising agencies which reaches your targeted audience. You can also retain the services of Facebook ads which is a good means to reach more people.

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