How to start cocoa trade in Nigeria

Cocoa a beverage and cash crop which is very popular amongst Nigerians and also lucrative when it comes to trading on it. In this article, I will be guiding you on how to start cocoa business and become successful in it.

Many states in Nigeria known to be the major cocoa producers of cocoa are: Ondo, Cross River, Ogun, Akwa Ibom, Edo, Ekiti, Delta, Osun and Oyo.

As our topic entails, are you interested in how to start cocoa business or building a mini cocoa enterprise? Then we’ve got you covered on how to get started with the tips shared herein.

Some new cocoa merchants do not know that the way you transact cocoa business with the local merchant isn’t the same with an international client as they cost will be different and this is a reason you should get well prepared.

And here are tips to help you be a successful cocoa merchant



Cocoa business isn’t what you just jump up and say you are a cocoa merchant so you’ll be buying cocoa from farmers to start exporting to other countries.

It is advisable to meet with Professionals who have been in the trade before you so as to gather more experience from them who are more versed than you in the business. Also attend workshops and seminars that teach people how to start cocoa business or being successful in their cocoa trade  and also join local cocoa merchants associations where business ethics and problems are discussed.



Know and identify the pros and cons of the business before venturing into it, get proper information about it, chances are that you will fail if you do not identify the major facts about running the business.

Consider facts like how will you be acquiring your cocoa beans. Do you intend to lease a farm to produce your cocoa or buying directly from farmers.





It is advisable to get your business registered so as to appear legit and attract more prospective customers. You will begin building your reputation as a worthy merchant as well as a business plan.

You also need to get registered so as to procure some relevant documents/legal licenses to extend the reach of your transactions since you will be exporting and importing, the authorities managing this are the Export management committee and the Export trade company.


Hunt for prospective buyers and create s relationship with them so they can always patronize you when the need arises.
It is not advisable not to target already established cocoa firms as they will be a competition in price between you and your fellow suppliers.




Ya! Once everything is ready start selling right away

Write proposals to do business with some already established firms convincing them you have some of the best samples at affordable rates.

Hire employees who will also assist in the running of the business and try as much as possible to convince every client to always patronize your enterprise.

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