How to start selling on Konga

For the benefit of the newbies. is a Nigerian e-commerce store that deals on practically almost every type of electronics, food, furniture etc except vehicles.

It is said to be the best in Nigeria with over a million customers with rivals like etc

As a local vendor do you wish to start selling your products on Konga? No doubt there are many reasons why you should sell on Konga a good one which is tha you don’t have to hunt customers, Konga takes care of it by advertising your product on their website and the customers comes in which means more sales with less hassles.

It is always advised that upcoming entrepreneurs create an online presence e.g social media pages for their business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. As this will no doubt practically bring in more customers to your enterprise

Although launching a website for your small business isn’t easy if you aren’t the tech type as you have to master some skills like web design, search engine optimization, digital marketing etc

Since not everyone is ready to start building an online presence from scratch there are already ready-made programmes e.g Konga for you to simply affiliate with and start selling.

Do you own a product you wish to sell or you are actually reselling products to on behalf of a company? You can easily sign up as a Konga merchant and start reaching over a million customers with your goods.

To get started simply visit  and create your store which usually carries a unique URL on its own. You can set your own prices and chose shipping method etc

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