How to independently register your company in Nigeria A-Z

Are you a Nigerian who owns a small enterprise but thinking of registering it? Whether making it look more corporate and honorable or protecting your legal interest in case of suits etc

Registering your business is essential and if you have a business which isn’t registered, I’ll advise you to do it my friend.

Registering a business in Nigeria is quite easy nowadays unlike before which you will need to consult a legal practitioner who will support you in doing it but it usually cost a whole lot of money .

To save cost, we’ll teach you how to independently register your business by yourself here in Nigeria without seeking the help of any lawyer or whatever.

The body which registers company in Nigeria is the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), it is the body responsible for registering and managing the number of enterprises in Nigeria. The legislature or law governing it is the Company and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) it gets updated from time to time as the commission may think necessary.

The categories for business registration in Nigeria are:

(a) Business Name Registration
(b) Private Limited Company (LTD)
(c) Public Limited Company (PLC)
(d) Company Limited by Guarantee (LTD/GTE)
(e) Unlimited Company (ULTD)
(f) Incorporated Trustee

Time will not permit me to discuss about all of them so keep following this blog as I will be dropping more tips in the future.

I will only discuss concerning registration of business name and the registration of a Private Limited Liability Company which normally applies to medium scale entrepreneurs

In case you are still ignorant of the fact while you should register your business, here are some reasons why you should do

1. Registration of a business name for example helps you protect the name of the brand before someone else attempts to do so. It protects the name and so makes you unique in your business.

2. Registering your business makes you look more trustworthy and more clients will feel at ease to patronize your firm. Clients tend to do business with registered enterprises rather than unregistered ones.

3. It makes your business look more serious and appear more corporate to prospective clients.

I guess you yourself have more reasons why your business should be registered. Now enough of the talking, let’s move to the practical steps on how to independently register your business in Nigeria.

(a). Move to the office of the Corporate Affairs Commission nearest to you and tell them you are intent on registering your business,you will be given what is called “CAC form 1” and you will be asked to pay N200.

Fill in the form with block and eligible writing, it normally contains spaces of your name (owner of the company) your residential address and the name of company you intend to register, tick the category of company you also want to register as.

Now go and make a photocopy of the filled form so as to have a spare copy for yourself and also come with it always so your file will be easily located when you visit the office.

Simply submit the original form and you are advised to go back after three (3) working days so as to know if your proposed business name is available or has been chosen by someone else.

(b) If you visit the office three days later and you are told your business name is still available, you can now begin the registration process. Simply pay N500 and receive the business registration form.

Depending on the kind of business you are registering, you will buy the set of forms for Incorporation of a Company for N1,000. It is possible that the forms may look strange since you haven’t filled such before so politely ask the staff around on guidance on how to fill it and am sure they will help.

Now take your complete forms to the nearest High Court (whether Federal or State) for attestation by the registrar which will cost around N500 – N800 depending on the Court and state of residence.

After attestation, now return to the Corporate Affairs Commission Office and submit your attested form where it will be typed and printed.

After receiving your printout, you will be given a government UBA bank account to pay to, simply go and pay and return with the teller which will be endorsed by them.

Congratulations! Your business has been successfully registered. You can visit the office in a week time to receive your certificate of incorporation or in some occasion it will be mailed to your corporate office address but don’t always expect that because na naija we dey o.

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