3 practical steps to relatively increase your business sales revenue

Increasing business revenue is the dream of every business. As an entrepreneur your primary reason for embarking into your business is always to make profit, to achieve this you have to learn how to Increase business sales and revenue.


No doubt revenue comes into mind when considering the success of a business as revenue is what determines the success of an enterprise.

For the benefit of readers, this post will be direct to the point on practical ways to increase business revenue.

# Invest more in targeted advertising

Advertising is what you shouldn’t mess with as a business owner. You make your brand available to a list of audience and try to convince them to patronize your brand instead of their regular brand.

Now targeted advertising comes into place, you may have been spending a lot on advertising but advertising to the wrong audience and so your adverts are gonna convert nothing. Imagine advertising packs of bleaching cream to pastors, chances are that they wouldn’t be interested in your product and thus no sales but advertising your bleaching creams to a bunch of teenage girls will no doubt convert better.

When choosing an advertising agency to invest in your ad campaign, you should look for testimonies from clients they have already worked for. Meet the testifiers and inquire about how truly successful their ad campaign were.

When advertising, age range is what you should consider as well, you shouldn’t be advertising condoms on a Cartoon network which most of its audience are kids but advertise it on a dating TV channel for better advert conversions.

Targeted advertising has proven to increase business revenue of many enterprise and n doubt will increase yours when you follow the proper strategies. 

# Implement strategies to boost consumer relation

You should always implement strategies increase business revenue as well as keeping the consumers abreast. Always have it at your mind that there are several competitors and for you to stay on top there is need for frequent strategies to test and know which will convert better sales.

Implement coupon codes, review your product pricing and special deals then watch your sales stats to see the customers behaviour. Watch out for bidding from the customers and learn more about the prices of your very own competitors then you can determine what your own price should be to boost sales.

Lowering your prices below what your competitors charge and fixing deals especially at festive periods will relatively increase business revenue and convert more customer to transact business with. Although it is good to set much discount so as to convert more consumers but it is advisable not to overdo this as it will affect the quality of your brand in the sight of the consumers.

# Extend the reach within which you transact business

You have for long been operating from only one office but probably don’t know if you expand your distribution channel then it’s gonna bring in more sales.

Sometimes changing the environment where you transact business can increase your sales without any change in price or marketing strategies.

You can set up an e-commerce store and do a little digital advertising which I will recommend the Google AdSense programme, as they serve target ads to the audience you want for your products.

You may consider adding similar products or service to the one you presently do, or rebranding existing products to suit customer demands.

# Build effective customer relationship

This article will be incomplete if I fail to mention this. Build a solid relationship with your customers and set get to know more about them, persuade them and show them the reason why they should patronize you instead of the competitors.

An example is if you market beer, you may relate with the owner of a local bar and offer to give one free bottle to every customer on the First Monday of every month and those customers will always look forward to that Monday.

Recruit more salesmen into your team as the more people you get to market your product, the more the exposure of the product and better sales conversion to increase business revenue.o


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