5 reasons why entrepreneurship will always supersede a 9-5 job

Here in our blog we always discuss about business and finance tips and today I am going to be giving reasons why entrepreneurship supersede and will always supersede a 9-5 job no matter the circumstance.

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You have probably seen or heard someone say “I prefer working for myself rather than any boss” that person is correct. Entrepreneurship itself is a passion for many including me, instead of tying yourself down with a daily job, you rather start building your own enterprise and be your own boss.

You will find many articles on this blog with lots of information about starting or running your own business as well as making it successful which means we strictly support entrepreneurship instead of a 9-5 job and so today we are going to be discussing why entrepreneurship supersede or is reasonably better than a regular 9-5 job.


# 1 You are your own boss

When you are an entrepreneur, then you are your own boss, nobody controls your moves. You make the decisions yourself and run your business yourself. There is no boss to order you around and set your limits.

You work on your own terms and set your own business goals and strive to achieve them. You are your very own boss and beside you there is nobody.

Another reason why entrepreneurship supersede a 9 – 5 job is since there is no boss, you always feel a sense of accomplishment after every successful business since it is personal and you also gather more experience as a young business owner which will lead to growth of your business and revenue unlike a 9 – 5 job.

# 2 It is secured

Nowadays jobs aren’t secured, you may dress up for work one day and on reaching the office, oopz! There is a termination letter on the table waiting for you.

Or in another case, the company you work for runs into liquidation and every employee there automatically becomes jobless.

Or another case where you are an accountant and the company says “Sorry our board of directors have resolved to retaining external auditors and thus we wouldn’t be needing your services anymore.”

I can go on mentioning even a thousand ways you could easily lost a 9 – 6 job in no time and how you may get fired even in the next hour unlike entrepreneurship where you are the sole owner of your enterprise and thus there is no boss to fire you, instead you work on your own terms and fire your ineffective employees.

Now your plans may collapse and your dreams shattered because of the sudden job lost.

# 3 Your income opportunity isn’t limited

While working as a 9 – 5 employee, your income is limited, you cannot earn more than the boss himself and you can never get richer than the company hiring you.

Everything is limited and can never improve more than what it is if your annual earning is $15,000 then that remains your annual earning and cannot more. As an entrepreneur your earning cannot be stagnant as a 9 – 5 job, you may realize $50,000 as revenue in the first year and $120,009 the next year, it all depends on how your business continues to grow.

In entrepreneurship your business revenue and income is limitless, you may earn higher than you had imagine or lesser than you had expected.

As an entrepreneur your business is likely to boom from a small enterprise to a million dollar company and you are the one to challenge yourself in other to achieve your set goals and thus entrepreneurship supersede a 9 – 5 which usually has a vague future.

# 4 More freedom for you

As an entrepreneur you are exposed to more freedom since you work on your own terms and there is no boss to order you. You can travel and tour around great cities and attractions unlike a 9 – 5 workaholic who is always faced with loads of tasks with only a miserable 30 days leave annually which most companies offer their staff this indeed makes entrepreneurship supersede a regular 9 – 5 job.

You also tend to have more time for your family and friends. Since you set your working hours, you always know when you are free unlike a 9 – 5 which the boss may order you to work extra time.

# 5 Your skill may become obsolete due to the advancement of technology

Nowadays technology is improving by the day and many skills are becoming obsolete. A typical example is the banking sector, machines are now made to count cash instead of the humans that normally do the counting.

Example of jobs that are becoming obsolete are:

Travel agents

Sorry but if you work as a travel agent for a company I believe you will be experiencing a shortfall in clients.

Gone are the days when you will be needing a travel agent to process your journey to any state or country. Nowadays most flight companies have their websites where you can conveniently book flights and pay for same, which they normally issue electronic receipts or invoice.


Companies which sell newspapers as well may be experiencing low patronizers as a breaking news can be read online just after 5 minutes of it’s incidence and thus nobody will be willing to pay for what he can get for free.


Sorry but if you work as a postman to any company am afraid very soon you will be dropped as it is crystal clear post offices are less patronized nowadays due to the emergence of emails and social media platforms which deliver messages in less than minutes.




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