Are you intent on starting a bet9ja shop? There are many benefits of being a bet9ja agent because it is a lucrative way to earn residual income viewing the fact that sports betting is a very popular activity amongst Nigerians, in this article you will know the A-Z step of owning your own bet9ja shop.

How to setup and start a bet9ja shop -

Bet9ja shops are growing in numbers recently and many people are becoming aware of sports betting in Nigeria, little wonder many guys now stay and betting shops more than they stay in their own houses.

Due to the present recession, many Nigerians are now taking refuge in sport betting as huge winnings are announced from time, this announced winnings are like fuels as they bring more people into the sports betting world.

Why I recommend you open a shop with bet9ja instead of other bookies

There are many reasons why I will recommend bet9ja over any other bookmaker in Nigeria which I have briefly explained belo

a) It is Nigeria’s #1

You know the first is always the best. As Nigeria’s #1 sport betting bookmaker, bet9ja has the potential of growing more that the monster it presently is, having outranked other bookies and taking the first position, bet9ja is the bookie I will always recommend you start with.

b) More agent friendly

Comments from their agents have always revealed that bet9ja is the agent most friendly bookmaker in Nigeria, there are very friendly to their agents and see them as their business partners, they acknowledge the fact that without their agents they cannot be at the enviable #1; “Your success is our success – Victor Ekpeba” bet9ja always want their bet9ja shop owners to succeed.

c) High Commission structure

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Bet9ja presently offers the highest commission structure in the sport betting market in Nigeria, this is the reason they have the highest number of shops in the country more than any other bookie. You can earn residual income from your bet9ja shop if you utilize the opportunity of owning a bet9ja shop which you can start with a budget of N250,000 depending on your location as it may be higher in some area and lower in some area.

d) The consumers prefer bet9ja

It is no news that bet9ja has the highest customers and the highest sales turnover of the sports betting market as it leads in both customers and sales. Customers tend to patronize bet9ja instead of other bookies coupled with their awesome features like: best odds in the market, up to 170% odd boost which means they pay you more bonuses, best live-in-play service as well as many other awesome features other bookies does not offer.



Now you know every fact about bet9ja and why it is an awesome choice to plan on owning your bet9ja shop so as to start earning residual income, if you ask me what you need to start, below are the necessary requirements.

i) Basic computer knowledge

Since the service you will be rendering in your bet9ja shop is internet-based, it is advisable that you possess some computer cum internet knowledge to aid your business growth. If you don’t know about computers yet, you can enroll in any certified computer training academy to learn computer basics which doesn’t take long to graduate.

ii) A shop space

I don’t really have to tell you about this as you know it is the most needed, it is where you will be rendering your service of betting for customers, it is advisable you look for a big hall so they will be enough space in your bet9ja shop, install a bet9ja virtual game decoder as this always converts and increases revenue. Don’t make the mistake of renting a shop if it is not in a busy area, your bet9ja shop should be in a very busy area so customers can easily locate it, many make the mistake of renting their bet9ja shop in a place which is not busy because the rent is low, since you are not hiding your bet9ja shop but trying to make it available so people can easily locate it, rent a shop in a busy place, even if expensive, it is worth the money and you will be glad you did.

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iii) Computer System

A computer system has to be present at your shop at your bet9ja shop which you will be using to login to your shop account and play games for customers. Make sure you chose an updated computer system with a sufficient ram space to aid rapid operation and internet connection.

iv) A generator set

Electricity has to be present because without electricity you can’t operate. You need a generating plant because most area in Nigeria the local electricity supply is not always sufficient so a generating plant is required to open your bet9ja shop. It is expected you own a good electricity generating set (new one advisable) which you will be using to work.

v) A big printer and one termal printer

A big and termal printer should also be present so as to print your fixtures and betslips for customers as well as other things that require printing like the weekly bonus options, hall of fames etc.

vi) Cash of at least N50,000

I can see your face squeezing since money has found its way here. Bet9ja normally request for some money from you to process your shop application details and there is high chance of your shop approval so you really don’t have to worry. Do not make the mistake of giving money to any of their staff to help you easily get your bet9ja shop approval, he/she may collect money from you and nothing finally work out, just believe you will be accepted since you have met all their conditions.

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How to begin my bet9ja shop business

Now you have fulfilled all requirements of being a bet9ja agent and about to start your bet9ja shop application but don’t know where to begin. Here is exactly what to do: Head to the bet9ja agent application portal at which looks like this.



Fill the application form correctly. You will be requested to upload an image of your shop so look for a good photographer to take a digital image of your bet9ja shop. After filling every information correctly click the submit button and wait patiently.


You will be contacted by the bet9ja agent consideration team through the email you provide, they may request for a live inspection of the shop so they may send some of their staff there to inspect the shop and if there are satisfied your bet9ja shop will be accepted, you become a bet9ja agent  and start earning high bet9ja commission. Congratulations, we hope you successfully learnt how to become a bet9ja agent.


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