Best of 50 inch Tv to buy in 2018

Selecting the best 50 inch tv for yourself and family use can be a little challenging and thus a little suggestion from experts would be needed. Here at businessnub, we have a motto “You’ll never buy junk again” and trust me my friend, you will never buy junk again, if you need some advise concerning any household item you are intent on buying, visit this website as there are a whole lot of guides for free. Do not also forget to allow push notification to receive every update on this blog.

We have taken much time and stress to review the best top notch 50 inch tv to buy in 2018. All televisions in this article are extra-performing and our own recommendations of outstanding 50 inch 4K tvs and there are all perfect.


50 inch tv

Note that the prices may change from time to time depending on the discretion of the online retailer (Amazon) which we are recommending you buy from due to their outstanding reputation and on time delivery

Get ready my friend as this article is gonna be a boom! I mean a comprehensive guide of the best 50 inch tv to buy this 2018. I have painstakenly reviewed each and every one of them to bring every detail to you and not taking much time let’s begin J


The very 7 best 50 inch tv to buy in 2018

 1 Sony XBR 50X900E 4K UHD HDR LCD TV: 50 Inch Model $900

2. Samsung KS8000 2016 4K HDR SUHD TV: 50 Inch Model

3 Vizio P-Series 2017 XLED 4K UHD HDR TV: 50 inch model

4. Samsung UN49MU8000 4K UHD HDR LCD TV: 50 Inch Model

5 Samsung MU7000 4K UHD HDR TV: 50 Inch Model

6. Samsung UN50MU6300 4K UHD HDR LCD TV: 50 Inch Model

7. Sony XBR-49X800E 4K UHD HDR LCD TV: 50 Inch Model


Now let us discuss in detail the specifications and why this televisions are listed as the best in this articl.

#1 Sony XBR 50X900E 4K UHD HDR LCD TV: 50 Inch Model $900


This 50 inch tv is one of the really outstanding 50 inch tv you can think of having in 2018. Presently it goes for around $900 on amazon. Despite all the amazing features this Sony XBR 50X900E 4K UHD HDR LCD TV 50 inch possess it still manages to stay affordable and pocket friendly for its quality despite everything it offers. Rich and friendly colours, well built shape, excellent contrasting to mention but a few, this is just a perfect 4K HDR and I am personally recommending it.

1 Sony XBR 50X900E


It has a stunning and comprehensive motion handling spec and some really outstanding console gaming functionality for the video game lovers. We cannot recommend this wonderful 50 inch tv for its outstanding features only but it is also excellently and pocket friendly priced as regarding its numerous features. If you’re on the market for an excellent 50 inch tv model, the X900E is just about the best you should try right away.

# 2. Samsung KS8000 2016 4K HDR SUHD TV: 50 Inch Model


This 50 inch tv which was released by Samsung in 2016 did what many other 50 inch tv before it couldn’t by displaying quality images across different specifications and one of a kind in its brightness.

This 50 inch tv is the least expensive of the awesome 2016 SUHD models released by Samsung but despite that it is delivering a picture quality which is superior to  most 50 inch tv it still manage to stay at a good budget rate. This 50 inch tv, when talking about brightness is just fantastic and a top notch than even some of Samsung products released in 2017.

Samsung KS8000


When purchasing this 50 inch tv you are sure of a complete UHD alliance ultra HD premium certification and all specifications that come with it which include a 1,100 units or more of zenith brightness, deep black levels, an excellent contrast ratio which is perfect for the standard of an LCD 4k 50 inch tv and complete 10-bit colour which enhances display of bright, high quality colours.

The 2016 version of this outstanding 50 inch tv has undergone some transformation to improve its user friendliness and now has a clean and easy-to-navigate layout and improved access to 4k media apps more than before, if you are looking for an excellent 4k 50 inch tv then this Samsung KS8000 2016 4K HDR SUHD TV is a top notch 50 inch tv for you and trust us, it won’t let you down.

# 3 Vizio P-Series 2017 XLED 4K UHD HDR TV: 50 inch model

Hope you’re familiar with Vizio series? You know them for their perfect picture qualities don’t you? In 2016 their Vizio P-series were one of the best LCD 4K HDR televisions released in that year, and you don’t expect them to go back on their quality do you? When buying the Vizio P-Series 2017 XLED 4K UHD HDR TV: 50 inch model you are getting the same fantastic picture quality they always give and this 50 inch tv possess a very wonderful interface working inside it.

Vizio P-Series 2017


If you ask me what is interesting about this 50 inch tv the trust is this television offer one of the best display performance in the market considering its price.

With a complete LED backlighting and a multi-zone local dimming which indeed is one of the outstanding features of this 50 inch tv and it also produces wonderful video contrast that you see in most 4k tvs with a very solid and high performance smart TV platform with access to many live streaming media tv apps for your enjoyment. In terms of display, this 50 inch tv basically continue to one of the best value for money spent.


# 4. Samsung UN49MU8000 4K UHD HDR LCD TV: 50 Inch Model

This model which was part of the MU-series released by Samsung in its 4K HDR LCD TVs as the replacement for the earlier released 2016 KU-series mid-range 4K Tvs primarily for buyers who never wanted to quit their high spend and always up for the latest trends.

However, this 50 inch tv offers outstanding high-end specifications and its performances are premium that many of its counterparts in 2016 KU-series never had. This 50 inch tv delivers all I mean every QLED 4K TV feature.


Samsung UN49MU8000

Another wonderful feature to look up to is it’s local dimming which is as good as that of the latest QLED models and this particular 50 inch TV offers a fantastic contrast than any QLED television we have ever reviewed.

Talking about its wonderful motion handling, it is excellent for 4K gaming and can also function well as a monitor for your home PC. For these wonderful specs it has taken our 4th place spot on this best 50 inch tv review for 2018. Despite the fact that this dynamic 50 inch tv comes with numerous outstanding specifications, ranging from a well build body, bright motion pictures and excellent for gaming, it still manages to stay at a pocket friendly rate.

5 Samsung MU7000 4K UHD HDR TV: 50 Inch Model

This 50 inch tv sits squarely at the border line between the premium quality of the earlier discussed MU8000 or above and the best budget 50 inch tv on the list. Just like its brother MU8000 and MU6300, this 50 inch tv also come with a nice and deep rich black levels, its contrast are of outstanding quality, high and at the same time very smooth, with a powerful connectivity for low input lag during 4K HDR gaming for the game lovers.

Samsung MU7000

Just like the MU8000 this 50 inch tv comes with a full HDR color (wide color gamut and 10-bit color) and also like the MU6300, it lacks local dimming of any kind and offers a native 60Hz refresh rate. We are recommending it highly for 4K gaming or as a semi-premium beginner television for the best budget as it is well sized for a small living room and perfect for gaming studios.

6. Samsung UN50MU6300 4K UHD HDR LCD TV: 50 Inch Model

Another wonderful 50 inch tv on the list. Although this television lacks the native 120Hz refresh rate of the MU8000, and has only a 60Hz display panel, despite this little weakness, it is still an outstanding television for a 4K HDR television.  It may not deliver the best of full HDR support as it isn’t quite as bright as the earlier listed models in this review but it still maintains a solid  screen luminosity, a cool 10-bit colour rendering which is one of the specs to look out for in every HDR colour Tv.

Samsung UN50MU6300

It has an excellent contrast ratio with a deep rich and black uniformity. Alike other Samsung’s 4K HDR tvs, it works perfectly well as a gaming console tv, with a low input lag ans support for many variations of HDR, 4k resolution and sampling formats. In conclusion this 50 inch tv despite its pocket friendly price still packs lot of value.

7. Sony XBR-49X800E 4K UHD HDR LCD TV: 50 Inch Model

This brand is one of the smallest and most affordable in the world of 4K HDR tvs. It really deserves a mention in this review and trust me this review would be incomplete without this fantastic guy. Trust me this 50 inch tv is one in million when talking of 4K HDR TV on a low budget. With an excellent HDR color delivery, some good motion handling despite its native 60Hz display refresh rate and a robust smart TV package that’s as good as anything you’ll find in Sony’s premium televisions such as the X900E that takes our tops spot in this guide.

Sony XBR-49X800E

We really think Samsung’s MU6300 and MU7000 are better alternatives 50 inch televisions and they certainly handle black levels and contrast far better but if you really like Sony, then the X800E is the best affordable choice.



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