Virgin hair: The best brands you should buy in 2018

Are you seeking for a good and quality virgin hair to buy? In this article you are going to know the most outstanding virgin hair brands presently in the market, surpassing every virgin hair brand you may probably know.

These brands are actually the best and are known for their quality, durability and good customer reviews.

There are lots of virgin hair brands in the market and making the decision of selecting the best can be very challenging for most people.

Virgin hair

Do you know?

 Many hair brands actually do silly things to influence the buyers behavior to think their brand is actually the best in the market.

When seeking the best virgin hair brands, there are some factors you shouldn’t use in determining the very best or you will end up buying junk, I bet you’ve bought a lot of junk before, lol.


Let me briefly take some to list and explain some of the facts you should consider when buying virgin hair.

1 High price doesn’t mean high quality

Not all high prices are good quality. Human psychology in buying has come to settle that high product price will necessarily denote high product quality but this isn’t so. Hair retailing companies know that the market is really competitive and in a bid to make their product stand out, they inflate their prices to unreasonable amounts. With this development it is possible to think ‘hair A’ has a higher quality than ‘hair B’ just because ‘Hair A’ is more expensive than ‘hair B’

When buying virgin hair, aim to know the very best quality and never view price as a factor to determine quality.

2 Most acclaimed virgin hair are fake

 Yes, you read that right.


What if I tell you roughly 70% of the acclaimed virgin hair in the market are fake?

Yes, there really are, this article is meant to tell you the truth and not hide any ugly fact. This is what many people have failed to know, they are numerous fake virgin hair brands in the market and I won’t mention any in other not to hurt any brand identity and for security reasons.

If you want to know what really makes a 100% virgin hair so you can easily tell the difference between an original and fake virgin hair then consider the following:

Original virgin hair are:

  • Unexposed to any harsh chemicals
  • Unprocessed and natural
  • Free from any artificial treatment
  • Having all hair curticles intact
  • Naturally cut out from humans

And if all these are excluded from what is claimed to be a virgin hair brands, then forget it, it’s junk.

3 Most virgin hair companies claim to be the best

 This is another factor to note when buying virgin hair. The hair retailing market is very competitive and so a lot of retailers do claim to be the best.

When you see any hair retailer claiming to be the best, don’t just easily give in to that claim and buy their product but embark on a more strenuous research.


What are the best virgin hair brands in 2018?

 Good thing we now know the facts to consider when buying virgin hair and so it is now time to bring out the very best brands to buy in 2018

#1 Nadula hair 7a Best quality

 This virgin hair is the perfect match for most virgin hair seekers. If you are seeking for the best virgin hair brand then this is something you shouldn’t be missing out.

With its soft and silky nature, it has an outstanding hair quality with one direct curticle with a very healthy and a shinny hair grade.

It has a weight and length of approximately 100g and 5 inches respectively.

It can be dyed into any colour you feel like and has no smell whatsoever.

#2 Super Nova Brazilian

This is another outstanding original virgin hair in the market that we can genuinely recommend.

It is a 100% natural and free from any harsh chemical or artificial processing, extremely soft with thick bundles and known for its outstanding customer reviews.

The product has a lot of happy customers as you can find them on Amazon giving 5 star ratings to this brand and you will also be happy with this product.

With no shedding, no grey hair and 100% durability this is no doubt one of the best virgin hair in the market you can actually buy for now.

#  3 Balice virgin hair

No doubt virgin hair ranking cannot be complete without the inclusion of this super fitting one.

It looks so natural and fits practically any type of skin complexion and face shapes unlike many other brands in the market which doesn’t matches some face shapes.

It can be bleached, dyed, redyed and reused over and over again and yet still maintaining its shinny and soft nature and durability of lasting up to 15 months.

It can be colored to any colour of your choice, flattened to any shape and curled to any extension. This product because of its uniqueness is really a top notch among fashion enthusiast.

Despite its affordable rate this brand obviously stands out with all its enormous features, it is a virgin hair really worth buying.

#4 Unice curly Brazilian

 This is another virgin hair that has made its name in the hair market for its wonderful brand and earned som positive custom reviews.

It presently sells on amazon and comes in an adorable packaging sealed for security. It is very soft and blends excellently with the natural hair of almost everybody.

It is pure without any form of processing, just 100% natural. One outstanding feature about this hair is that it is just odorless and also known for blending with any kind of hair just looking like your natural hair.

#5 Diamond mink

 This is a perfect hair for weaving needs and known for a remarkable quality.

It is also a natural and not chemically treated hair. This hair answers all it has claimed to be and has earned some positive reviews from its happy customers.

Be sure to enjoy this hair for 12 – 15 months and get value for your money.

It can easily be styled to any shape you want and brushed just like your natural hair.

A few words before you exit

 Wearing virgin hair is a wonderful way to enhance beauty and display fashion your awareness, the brands listed herein are of premium quantity and actually the ones using the index of:

* QualityBest brands

* Durability

* Customer testimonials and

* Affordability

All hair listed here are of outstanding durability and can be washed, bleached, dyed and reused over and over again with a span of up to 13 months and still maintaining its quality.



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