Bet9ja prediction hacks that works and increase winnings (TOP 5)

You see, when it comes to bet9ja prediction, a lot of people are presently missing it. In this article, I am going to walk you through football prediction that works well and how you can start using them to win big on the bookies.

First of all, what is your usual betting strategy when you visit the betting shops or when you log into your bookmaker’s website?

Do you just accumulate 10 or 20 games by doing lucky guesses and slap a stake on it without really researching the games?

If you were doing that it simply means you were getting it wrong. Now instead of doing that let me tell you what you should do instead, lets go.

#1 Stop the lucky guesses right away

For some reason bet9ja predictions are becoming more difficult to get accurately and this is because majority of the betting guys are doing are still doing “lucky guesses” which is like betting on a team you rarely know but think they would win because your bookmaker placed a small odd on them or other similar things.

This is the factor responsible for more than 95% of the sport betting losses in Nigeria as many people involve in lucky guesses.

Instead of continuing this way, I would advise you sit down and plan your bets by checking the past results of the teams you are about to bet on and take note of stuffs like:

• Past winnings
• Past losses
• Past goal scoring form
• Last three meeting of both teams results
• Present overall form of both teams

Now after sitting down to consider such useful statistics and metrics, you should discover that you would now be able to easily spot value bets for your bet9ja prediction and your winnings would increase including your bankroll as well.

#2 Stake a max of 3 games

A lot of guys tend to disagree with me on this but believe me it is the truth.

I have always advise you stake a maximum of 3 games because this is what has worked well for me despite any other betting advise I have received from self-acclaimed gurus.

It is quite easy if you stake N1,000 on 3 games totaling 4 odds that would be a N4,000 win and a profit of N3,000

But if you decide to stake your N1,000 on a 15 bet selection totaling 100 odds so as to win N100,000 which finally ended as a lost bet, which would be more appealing to you?

It is still a usual sight in betting shops to see guys accumulate as much as 20 games with a N100 stake and potential win of N1,000,000 but this is complete greediness because such wins comes once in a bluemoon.

The N3,000 profit can be easily scaled to N30,000 and subsequently N300,000 using the strategy I explained here

So I will advise you to always stake from 1 – 3 selections when making your bet9ja prediction but anything from 3 and above is a complete NO.

#3 Watch your spend

Now most people do not take note of this, they simply keep spending until they get broke, then they complain.

It is advisable you watch your spend to enable you note your income, loss and to easily determine a budget when placing bets and doing bet9ja prediction.

#4 Outline your bet9ja prediction budget

Now you may be hearing this for the first time but it is the truth. Though a lot of guys are failing at bet9ja prediction because they do not take sports betting as a business.

Yes, it is a business and the moment you understand this truth and get more serious with the game, it would be the moment you start seeing real profits. You should understand that the sport betting business is just like any other business.

You have to note what, what would probably come in, what you would probably loose, how you are going to recover lost bets, how much you are going to stake each game, how much you are going to spend each day, each month etc.

When you come to think of all these and outline them in your football betting business, then you are going to witness more profits when making bet9ja predictions.

#5 Stake what you can afford to loose

Now a lot of people get it wrong here. Do not stake more than what you can afford to loose. Although you may be tempted to go against this during your bet9ja predictions but don’t do it.

For goodness sake, it is just a game, if you stake N1,000 on 10 odds and you loose, it is still the same as staking N100,000 on 10 odds and still loosing. Some people tend to believe staking N100,000 on that 10 odds is going to to make it a win since the money is big but it doesn’t work that way.

Football prediction is a game but if you are smart enough you can still use it to bank big just like I do every month.

If you really want to win more football bets then check this stuff out by clicking here

Now I hope this article really gave you an insight on how to get more bet9ja prediction that works and wins better than lucky guesses.

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